My father passed away on February 6, 2013 at the fine age of 93. Some years ago, he gathered letters that he sent and received during the war (and post-war) years of 1942 to 1949. Recently while clearing out his old iMac we found that he had transcribed 122 of these letters. In addition, we have also added various memoirs which Dad wrote during the past 13 years. With some difficulty we have transformed these again into a blog format where more of his family, friends and others can enjoy this look into a GI’s life during the war years.

We will continue to add to this blog as we uncover and digitize photos, letters and other memorabilia.

Please enjoy and share what you see here.

Allan B. Schober


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Allan. My heart & prayers to you.

  2. denise weygandt said:

    Thank you for sharing these!

  3. claudette roberts said:

    How wonderful to have these letters. I loved singing with your Dad. God’s blessings
    to you and the family.

  4. Bruce Hildner said:

    Allan, this is wonderful to be able to take a peek at your Dads’ life and experiences. I’ve been reading many of the letters and it’s like I’m sitting next to Milt and he’s telling the stories. God’s peace to you, your sisters and your families.

  5. Jon Pallin said:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Allan, What a wonderful legacy for your family. I was fascinated and in particular to the references to Erika von Redern and Eric Archdeacon in the July 11, 1945 letter and would be very interested to know whether their photographs as mentioned have survived. Eric Archdeacon was my mother’s first cousin and, in fact my godfather. His mother was German and having separated from her husband (who lived and worked in Singapore)when Eic was young, Eric and his younger brother were educated in Germany. In 1932 he married Erika von Redern, who was apparently Edward H. Fallows’ secretary – probably translator – but they divorced shortly afterwards in 1936. Eric was the representative of a US bank in Paris and Berlin during the 1930s and worked tirelessly to advise England and the USA that war was coming. He married an American in 1937 and left for the USA in early 1939 where he naturalized and became an active speaker on geopolitics and a consultant to the War Department. After the war he was on the US Marshall Plan trade mission based in Brussels. I have more detailed information on Eric should this be of interest but nothing on Erika. Kindest regards.

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